Tasia Valenza, EMMY-winning voiceover artist

Tasia Valenza is an EMMY-winning voiceover artist, TEDX and motivational speaker, teacher and communication Coach. An actor and voiceover artist for over 35 years, she is renowned for voicing iconic female characters in video games and animated TV shows as well as countless commercials, narrations and promos. Through her experience as a voiceover artist, Tasia was inspired to help others use their voices -- so she created a unique platform #GiveGreatVoice, that encourages confident, considerate verbal communication. She also creates free guided meditations, that help people rewire their brains for peace of mind and practicing successful “self speak.”


Presentation Description: 

How to use your voice to be more powerful and persuasive - through confident and considerate communication.

EMMY Winning Voiceover artist, Master storyteller, TEDx speaker, and Motivational Speaker Tasia Valenza - will teach you how to use the power of your voice in your communication.

The goal is for you to make your communication more impactful, confident, and considerate by utilizing the skills of an actor and voiceover actor in your own life so that you can play your professional and personal roles more successfully.

After participating in this workshop, you will gain:

  • A better understanding of how important your voice is in all your communication - personal and professional
  • Simple exercises that you can incorporate into your life right away to speak with more confidence and charisma
  • Insights from engaging in a fun conversation with others who are discovering the power of voice and from having Tasia answer your questions on the spot.
  • The tools to become an empowered and effective self-advocate: better communicate with healthcare providers, etc.
  • A foundation for developing the skill set to engage as a disability advocate! If you’ve ever thought about sharing your story with the public, you will be equipped to speak in public confidently, and radiate charisma. 

  • Tasia has coached some of the world’s leading C-suite executives, A-list celebrities, and public figures to help them boost their efficacy and clarify their brand messaging. Her trainings are rare and costly, but this one-time event, co-hosted by the NDF, will be presented free of charge to those who have the registration link! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to sharpen your skills like the elite, and learn how your voice can help you get more of what you want out of life!


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